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Art is everywhere!

Tiny Creative Acts are all about seizing the moment and making something—anything!—with whatever you have in front of you (rock, leaves, flower petals, paper clips, you name it!), then sharing it with others. #tinycreativeacts

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Tiny Creative Acts are…

  • Easy: you need no special tools, skills, or time to make a Tiny Creative Act!
  • Free: (or almost) no special materials are needed
  • Spontaneous: No special planning or supplies are needed
  • Not destructive: Please don’t strip the flowers off a tree to make one!
  • Ephemeral: They may blow away with the wind or be washed away by the rain (or be eaten!)
  • Shared: Tiny Creative Acts are a gift. Snap a picture, and share it with your friends and the world! #tinycreativeacts

The Heart of Creativity

The heart of creativity is curiosity, playfulness and wonder.

…What happens if I mix red with blue?

…What happens if I take the picture now?

…What happens if I play this chord?

There’s nothing hard, complicated, or stressful about it!

So, why can it be hard to get creative?

Your Inner Critic Art Snob tells you that real Art, capital-A Art is long, hard and complicated. Your Inner Critic is terrified that people will think your stuff sucks. Unfortunately pressure and expectations dry up your creativity. What’s a Creative Spark to do? Take the pressure off and start playing again with Tiny Creative Acts– especially if you have big-A art aspirations!

Creativity is Contagious

The more you create the easier it becomes. Having a daily or regular practice is key to keeping your creative well full of juicy inspiration. Tiny Creative Acts are my daily dose of creative play and meditation. As I share my creative joy, I invite you to share yours! The more we share the stronger the magic becomes. Creativity is contagious and inspiration is infectious.

Share your Tiny Creative Acts with your friends and on facebook or instagram #tinycreativeacts

How do Tiny Creative Acts feed your creativity?

Let me count the ways…

  • they bring you joy and delight
  • they wake you up to the beauty of the world
  • they feed your creative mind
  • they brighten the lives of others
  • they let your inner artist child come out and play
  • they remind you that creativity is easy, irresistible and fun!