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About me

Hi, I’m Katherine Torrini! 

I love helping others unlock their creative potential.

Katherine Torrini is a creativity expertvisual strategist and innovation catalyst who has brought her visual magic to the likes of NASA, Dell, Coca-Cola, KPMG, ServiceNow, Southwest Airlines and The Institute for the Future.

Visual Storyteller & Idea Synthesizer

A life-long artist and visual journaler, Katherine has found the perfect professional niche where her superpower of “thinking outside her brain” is highly prized and sought after: Graphic Recording and Visual Facilitation. She travels the world drawing real-time, mural-sized, infographics at conferences, talks and corporate events, where these spontaneous visuals mesmerize viewers, activate creative problem solving and unlock the wisdom of the room.

Pattern Illuminator & Meaning Maker

Katherine’s ability to make the invisible visible captures themes, illuminates connections and reveals patterns, while getting stakeholders “on the same page”—literally! This leads to increased engagement, deeper conversations, more innovative solutions, accelerated decision making and authentic buy-in. Always keen to share her markers, Katherine’s visual thinking trainings empower teams to use their whole brains to think, communicate and collaborate better.

Creativity Cheerleader & Inner Critic Wrangler

In her coaching and mentoring work, Katherine supports visionary leaders to foster cultures of creativity. She also works with individuals called to self-expression as a soul path—whether in the arts and music or in heart-centered entrepreneurship. The foundation of her empowering approach is the transformation of the Inner Critic “peanut gallery” in your head into an aligned, high functioning “Inner Team”.

Inspirational Artist & Possibilites Enthusiast

Katherine sees the world as her canvas, finding beauty, delight and wonder in the most unexpected places. Her spontaneous Tiny Creative Acts make ephemeral art out of whatever is at hand–pebbles, flower petals, twigs, even paper clips!  Her new large-scale acrylic Muse Paintings are both the catalysts for and the crystallization of her personal and spiritual growth. Her ever-present visual journals meticulously document her life and journey.


  • Intentional Creativity Foundation Graduate, Sonoma CA, November 2017
  • Leadership Graduate, Coaches Training Institute, San Rafael, CA 2013
  • Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC) Coaches Training Institute 2010 San Rafael, CA
  • RSA/UCLES Certificate: Teaching English as a Second Language 1995 London, England
  • UT Austin B.A. Art (National Merit scholar) Austin, TX, 1994

International from the Start

I’m the only one in my four-continent-family to have been born in the US (British father, South-African mother and Australian-born brother). I lived in over a half-a-dozen states (and 3 countries) before I graduated from high school in Vancouver, Canada (my favorite!)

All that moving around taught me to be adaptable and unafraid to walk into a room full of strangers!

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