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Creativity is Your Superpower! 

Hello! Welcome to creative catalyst—where we are passionate about sparking and nurturing creativity— through our work with organizations and individuals. 

Creativity is your superpower— 

to engage

to galvanize/mobilize

to delight

to envision

to empower

to transform

to catalyze— your next level of evolution - personally and professionally. 


A Culture of Creativity

Whether we’re bringing visual magic to your event, collaborating on a vision map or whiteboard video, empowering your team creatively to think visually, or juicing up your personal relationship with your creativity, it all comes down to one thing — creativity is your birthright as a human being. It’s innate in every one of us and can hugely enrich our lives and work if we are willing to be in playful, consistent, and humble relationship with it.

Welcome to Creative Catalyst

Have a look around, relax, enjoy, get inspired, and reach out if you want to and explore collaborating or working together. Creativity is not just our superpower, it’s yours too. Let us show you how!

Your Superpower at work...


graphic recording marker drawing for people

Graphic Recording

Mesmerize viewers and bring your content to life in colorful words and pictures that are visible, tangible, actionable and unforgettable.

Graphic Facilitation 

Resolve complex problems by harnessing the wisdom of the room with interactive visuals that organize thinking, guide problem-solving, and focus action.

Creative Team Building

Drive innovation & activate your team’s creativity with Visual Thinking Training. Learn to think, collaborate and sell your ideas better

Whiteboard Videos  

Make your story, brand or product unforgettable with hand drawn videos that inform, engage, surprise and delight. 

Graphic Walls

Have an interactive conversation with hundreds of participants with a showstopping custom Graphic Wall installation! 

Personality Portraits

A Personality Portrait is a customized gift for your team member, VIP client, retiree, high school or college graduate, teacher, or special person in your life!