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Let us be your secret sauce!   

We are coaches, teachers and facilitators too— and we LOVE co-creating with other facilitators! We can be your “secret sauce” if you let us.

You bring your facilitation & design expertise-- we elevate and make visible the brilliant work you do. So your client can really SEE the power of your work to really GET the value of your work...work they can’t wait to enthusiastically SHARE with their team, their company, and their network. That amazing graphic recording of your session or visual meeting report that your client is sharing (with your tagline on it!) is one of the best calling cards you can get for repeat and referal business.

We want to help bring your vision to life! Let us partner with you on crafting your next event or team building meeting.

WHO we can be for you:

Thought Partner

 We attend facilitated events for a living, so we’ve seen a lot of ways to run a meeting. We're happy to lend perspective on whatever you're trying to do.

Catalyst for Creativity

We are irrepressibly creative and share our ideas generously and without attachment. This culture of creativity is contagious and catalyzes those around us

Translator of your Ideas

Bring your concept or back-of-the-napkin sketch and we can turn it into something that looks as cool as it does in your head--and moves the work forward.

Second Set of Eyes and Ears

We attentively listen and feel into the room all day long. We notice and can pow-pow on any "disturbances in the the force"

Amplifier of Your Work

We make your work visible, tangible, and unforgettable for more impact in the moment — and beyond.

Business Differentiator

Facilitation can be hard to quantify and explain. A picture is worth a thousand words!