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Creativity is a Tool for Resiliency

But as I'm sure you know, it can be surprisingly hard to access --especially when you need it most! 

Creativity is your Superpower to calm, nourish and inspire yourself -- especially in difficult times... but how do you get creative when you're stressed, overwhelmed and discouraged?

 What you need is to fill your creative "well," rather than focus on "producing" anything. Journaling is one of the very best ways to do just that


The secret to creative freedom

Your journal can absolutely be the safe, delightful, and irresistible place that you can’t wait to get to every day.

It can be your haven, your playground, and your creative co-conspirator. Your journal can easily fill your well so full that your creativity overflows into the rest of your life. The trick is knowing how to do it!

After 15 years of regular journaling and hundreds of completed journals, I’ve found a a juicy journaling practice that's an easy, natural, built-in part of my day...and my life has gotten so much juicier as a result!

A playful back-door into your creativity

Over the 10+ years I’ve taught visual journaling, I’ve watched hundreds of students light up and get the journaling “bug.” Their lives have blossomed right along with their journals.

I believe in this amazing work so much I proudly call myself a Journaling Crusader. I am thrilled to once again make this magic accessible online through this completely renovated 10th Anniversary edition of one of my most popular classes.


In this 30-day Group Workshop you will:

Lose the Fear

  • .. of the blank page, “wasting paper” and “messing up”
  • Kick your Inner Critic out of your journal
  • Re-write the rules for journaling–your way!

Find the Freedom

  • Get inspired to finally make the visual journal you’ve always wanted!
  • Discover a daily creative practice that’s easy, fun & irresistible.
  • Experience guilt-free creative play

Juice up your life!

  • Feel the confidence to create & express whatever comes through you

  • Watch your creative juices overflow joyfully into your “normal” life

   and… as an added bonus….

Create an incredible visual touchstone of your life

(your Juicy Journal!)

What Juicy Journalers are saying: 

P. Rhodes pic

P. Rhodes


“Playing in my journal really opened me up to ideas. It doesn’t have to be so serious!

Just get the paints/markers out and see what happens. That I filled a journal is so satisfying. I want to keep working in it.” 

Heather B pic

Heather B.

Freelance Writer

“My visual journal gives me a space to be creative and fun, to inspire myself and think out loud on paper.

It is a fun and easy way to work through real issues and blocks that hinder my creativity.”

Sara testimonial pic

Sara L.

Media Producer 


“I realized I shouldn’t feel guilty when I do my stuff just for me.

It was fun and liberating to know you can learn good habits for things you want to do.”

How My Juicy Journal Works:

All the inspiration, structure, support & accountability you need to make a daily journaling practice an easy, regular part of your life!


The secret to getting to the page!

  • 3 Pages a Day, You Choose the Way“ is the flexible daily structure of the course–- how you do your pages is up to you!
  • Daily Journal Prompts are your morsels of inspiration–but you are free to use them–or not–on any day of the course.
  • 5-minute Pages: Your daily journal pages can be completed in as little or as much time as you wish–even in as little as 5 minutes a day!

Support & Community:

The #1 secret to creative success!

  • 3 LIVE (zoom) Coaching Sessions with Katherine & your journaling cohort: Kickoff Call on Day 1, Motivation Booster mid-way + Final Celebration Party!
  • 10+ Startup Videos: When, Where & Why to Journal and more.
  • Bonus videos: My #1 favorite journal art supply (which you can buy at the grocery store!), the story behind the course, Inner Critic busting resources and more!
  • Juicy Journaling Private Online Community (off FB) where you can share your successes, frustrations and ah-has.


30 days of  Juicy Journal “Sparks"

  • Examples: playful examples from my very own journals
  • How-to: simple instructions to do it yourself
  • Tips & Tricks: set you up for success
  • Adventure Club: take it to the next level
  • Inner Critic Alert: how to keep that sneaky Inner Critic out of your journal!
  • VISUAL TEMPLATES: to download, print and use again and again

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The Juice is in the Journal!

Katherine Torrini:
Journaling Crusader


Artist, Creativity Coach & journaling crusader, Katherine Torrini has be putting her life down in blank books since she can remember.

Her "3-pages-a-day" journaling habit began more than 15 years ago and has evolved into the incredibly passionate, playful and inspiring practice that she teaches in her foundational My Juicy Journal creativity course.

This deceptively simple back door into creativity lights up all those who try it!